How We Deliver Quality Beef

Verde Beef Processing is a world-class operation with systems in place to produce premium grain-fed beef for export. 

We are a fully integrated facility situated in the highlands of Ethiopia.

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The project is built on 1,300 hectares with 500 hectares currently used for feed production and a 700 hectare irrigation scheme planned for development.

With 7,000 cattle currently on feed, we are growing to 70,000 cattle over the coming 4 years.

A new state of the art EU-specification abattoir facility is under construction and will be live in 2018. 

Our cattle consist of Borena and Arsi, which are local breeds in Ethiopia sourced at a young age from the communities around our feedlot.

·     We quarantine all animals on site for 28 days prior to entering the feedlot

·     All bulls are RFID tagged and managed on an individual basis in the feedlot

·     Bulls are grain-fed for at least 90 days with specific feed types mixed on site

·     All bulls are free from medications upon slaughter, as we respect withdraw times

·     All cattle are slaughtered under Halal Ritual procedures and are slaughtered under the supervision of our South African abattoir manager ensuring humane slaughtering under strict quality controls and health standards (ISO 22000)

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We currently have the following products: 

·     Chilled grain-fed long veal quarter carcasses per airfreight.

·     Frozen grain-fed long veal quarter carcasses per seafreight.  

·     Our deboning plant will be online in mid 2018.

We have a proud history of exporting to all of the GCC countries with our long veal spec. under our CAMDEN BEEF brand.

This type of beef is bone-in, around 14 months, light meat color and on average 110-130 kg slaughtered weight. 

Our continued high quality and reliable supply has given us a excellent name in the GCC market.

For all sales enquiries, please contact Ingrid van Ginkel at

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