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Alex Gendis

Alex is an experienced entrepreneurial Senior Manager with core competencies in Country Management, Category & Brand Development, Strategy, Sales Team Management, Procurement and Inter Company Sourcing. He is growth focused, strategic, responsible, an experienced marketer, a high achiever, a leader and streamline thinker. In his roles, he has enjoyed double digit growth and been awarded for best performances. He has brought a loss making operating unit in Singapore back to profit and growth and expanded operating units’ reach into other countries.

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Clyde Langenberg

Clyde has recently joined Verde Beef from Ramburg Beef (Pty) (formerly Nelspruit Abattoir) in South Africa where he was the Financial and Administrative Manager.  Prior to his 10 years at Ramburg Beef, he worked in industrial accounting and auditing (KPMG) for six years.   With 17 years experience, Clyde brings with him sector specific knowledge of the beef sector with appropriate financial, administrative and reporting controls to further professionalise Verde Beef’s systems and operations.

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Djibril Barry
Sales Director

Djibril comes to Verde Beef with several years of experience selling beef throughout Africa, the Middle East and Europe.  He holds a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Management as well as a Master's degree in International Business, Transport and Logistics.   He is proficient in coordinating sales, providing market support and managing high volume client accounts.  His expertise and sales strategies are an invaluable asset to the team. 

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Yitayal Mekonnen
Legal Compliance Manager

Yitayal holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law and LLM in International Business Transactions. He has over 10 years of experience working for governmental offices and for-profit enterprises as a compliance officer, advocate, legal advisor and lecturer. His diverse background enables him to develop working relationships with various government offices and to understand the country’s legal system well. He is responsible for supporting the projected growth of the company by fostering  positive relationships with relevant government offices, local communities and concerned sectoral associations as well as ensuring legal compliance within the company.

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Martha Tolessa
Human Resource and Administration Manager

Martha is a Management graduate and has experience as an HR Manager for NGO’s and flower farm.  She is originally from the Oromia region in Ethiopia and is a fluent speaker of the local language Afan Oromo and Amharic languages.  She is responsible for working with the management team in defining and implementing training, recruiting, compensation performance management, employee engagement, compliance, workers compensation, benefits and more.  She also has significant experience managing employee relations, benefits and compliance issues. 


Gustavo Martinez
Feedlot Manager

Gustavo works with Verde Beef to ensure Livestock and Feed Mix operations.  He has previously worked at some of the largest feedlots in Mexico, creating teams, standardizing processes and reducing cycle times.  He graduated with Academic Merit in Agribusiness Engineering and is currently studying for his Masters in Enterprise Administration.  He believes that being constant, hardworking and with attention to detail, one can make a significant difference in any aspect of life, and feedlot production is far from being the exception.

Peter John Scholtz
Abattoir Manager

Peter John is a South African national with extensive experience as an Abattoir Manager for several different companies in Cyprus, Bulgaria, Israel and South Africa. Prior to that, he served as a Meat Inspector and Environmental Health Officer.

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Yonatan Mekuria
SHEC Assistant Manager

Yonatan graduated in 2012 with a BSc in Environmental Health Science.  Yonatan has a strong record of improving environmental health, having worked for the Woreda as an Environmental Health Officer and for Midroc as an Environmental Supervisor. 

Scott Friesen
Board Chairman / Co-Founder

Experienced business executive who has helped build and sell three US and one Ethiopian companies over the past fifteen years with revenues of up to $40M annually.  Co-founder of three Ethiopian companies, Mr. Friesen serves as the CEO bringing with him extensive experience of how to create value and lead greenfield businesses in high risk environments.

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