Responsible Operations

This section outlines the core values and systems in place at Verde Beef to ensure responsible behaviour and ethical decision making.

Creating Capacity and Impacting Livelihoods

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Verde Beef Processing seeks to deliver on the potential to generate meaningful, positive impacts on the livelihoods of Ethiopians, who are by geography or the supply of bull calves, impacted by Verde Beef's operations.  Verde Beef recognises that any meaningful impact will necessitate significant capacity and knowledge transfer to ensure Verde Beef is truly an Ethiopian enterprise run and operated by local staff for the benefit of the Ethiopian economy.

Policy Framework

Verde Beef is committed to acting ethically and responsibly in all areas of its operations and as a consequence this E&S Policy will inform Verde Beef’s decisions and actions. Verde Beef has committed to meeting the UN PRI’s Responsible Agricultural Investment principles and adopted an Environmental and Social Policy in 2017 to reflect its commitments to deliver its operations and supply chain in a responsible manner.

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The E&S policy sets out key commitments on the following topics:

1.    Consultation and Disclosure

2.    Grievance Mechanisms

3.    Gender

4.    Human and Labour Rights

5.    Food Security and Nutrition

6.    Environmental Protection and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources

7.    Animal Welfare

8.    Governance

9.    Accountability and Transparency

10.   Code of Conduct

Disclosure of the E&S Policy reflects the approach Verde Beef seeks to take with regards to all stakeholders, whether they be local, governmental or international.

Click Here for the Verde Beef E&S Policy

Verde Beef also operates under the following additional policies that seek to govern its responsible behaviour:

1.   Responsible Sourcing Policy (Supply Chain)

2.   Grievance Management Policy

3.   Human Resource and Procedure Manual (Policy)

Impact and Risk Management

Verde Beef is also committed to understanding the risks and impacts of its operations, and as such is finalising an Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) with the view to progressing towards Global GAP for its farm operations and ISO22000 at its future abattoir.  Note: Current abattoir operations are outsourced to an accredited (ISO22000) facility in Debreseit.

Shared Value – How We Work With Our Communities

Verde Beef operates a Shared Value Programme {አጋርነት Agarenet}.  This Programme sets out the eligibility for investment at a local Kebele level (there are three surrounding Kebele) and for the supply chain as a whole.  Health, education, sanitation, water and energy activities are the primary focus of this Programme. It is expected that the Programme will evolve and continue the integration of communities with Verde Beef as the company expands its operations and scale.  


Verde Beef recognises that for it to succeed, its local communities need to benefit from its operations.  Verde Beef holds the following regular meetings with its communities:

1.    Weekly Elders meetings – with six elders from each of the three surrounding Kebele

2.    Monthly Kebele Women’s Co-operative meeting – with the three co-ops

3.    Monthly consultative forum - based on representatives from each Kebele


Verde Beef recognises that in order to act responsibly, there should be a credible and professional grievance mechanism to manage complaints, whether minor or major, for internal and external stakeholders.

All grievances should be lodged with the HR Manager, Ms. Martha Tolessa at

Grievances are managed according to their eligibility and significance.  A Grievance Committee will be held for significant and eligible complaints, with all grievances being logged and recorded in the Grievance Log onsite. Anonymous grievances can lodged at the following address, Tsehay Messay Building 4th floor, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, or onsite via the suggestion box.

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