Scott Friesen

Serial entrepreneur and proven business executive who has helped build and sell three US and one Ethiopian companies over the past fifteen years with revenues of up to $40M annually.  Co-founder of three Ethiopian companies.  Mr. Friesen serves as the CEO and CFO.

Bruce Hamilton
Managing Director

Mr. Bruce Hamilton serves as the Managing Director of Verde Beef PLC and has twenty years management experience in the horticultural and agricultural industry with extensive experience managing large farms in Africa.  Prior to joining Verde Beef, Mr. Hamilton managed a commercial floriculture farm for the Dumen Group (Germany) with 2400 employees in Ethiopia.  He’s also managed cattle breeding, stud and retail vegetable production farms throughout Africa.  Mr. Hamilton provides overall management to the business as well as operational and risk management oversight to the feedlot.


Arnold Krul
General Manager

Four years of experience as an Assistant Manager at a commercial pig farm in Canada and six years years as the General Manager at Krul-de Ruiter Consultancy PLC, a feedlot and dairy farm in Ethiopia. At this feedlot, Mr. Krul followed a similar bull acquisition model and was located near to the Verde Beef feedlot making him a great fit for this role. Mr. Krul speaks the local language Amharic, has managed Ethiopian workers extensively and will be responsible for all aspects of the feedlot’s management and operations.


Levi Benkert
Head of Business Development

Leads the sales & marketing for Verde Beef's products.  Founder of real estate development company with 50 staff and $400M in its development pipeline. Founder of an Ethiopian organization with 43 staff and over 400 widows, orphans and children as direct beneficiaries, that provide families to orphans. Co-founder of three Ethiopian companies. 

Ingrid van Ginkel
Head of Sales

Business development and logistics expert with experience in Ethiopia and across Europe in meat processing and sales, including being responsible for the dispatch of 2,000 Metric tonnes of meat per day in one role. Ingrid has 8 years’ experience in agriculture, agro-processing and logistics and as such brings a wealth of experience to the team. 

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